Funeral Services

Funeral and Memorial Services

The Form and Order of the Service

In the Presbyterian Church, a funeral or memorial service is a service of worship. Though it is a service for a special purpose, it must fully reflect the beliefs and the practices of the Christian faith, as they are understood by Presbyterians.
At Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church, we believe that the purpose of a funeral or memorial service is to give thanks to God for life and salvation, and to bring word of God's comfort and hope to those who grieve. The focus of such services is upon the continuing love of God and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
In keeping with the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the service is under the direction of the pastor. Required elements include beginning the service with the reading of scripture and the offering of prayers that give thanks to God and make intercession for those who grieve. Elements that are encouraged but not required include the singing of hymns, a sermon, an affirmation of faith, and the recalling of aspects of the life of the one who died. Any fraternal, military, or civic rites are conducted separately from the church funeral or memorial service.
At Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church, a Funeral is a service in which the body of the deceased is present. All funerals are “closed casket” services. During the service, the casket will be draped with a pall provided by the church. Presbyterians understand that all appointments and accoutrements used in worship are to be appropriate to the place of worship and to reflect the integrity and simplicity of the Christian life. A Memorial Service is in all ways similar except that the body of the deceased is not present due to cremation or other circumstances.

Scheduling a Service

A funeral or memorial service must be scheduled in consultation with the pastor and the church office. No services may be scheduled for Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings.

Funeral or memorial services at Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church are available for church members and immediate family members of church members. “Immediate family members” means spouses, parents, children, spouses of children, grandchildren, and spouses of grandchildren.

Funerals and memorial services at Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church should be planned with and led by the pastors of Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church.  At the time of death, one of our pastors will work closely with family members to plan details of the funeral or memorial service and to extend the care and concern of our congregation to loved ones. The family may request that others participate in the service at the discretion of the pastors.

Scripture and Music
You may request favorite verses of Scripture music, hymns, and/or soloists. In consultation with the pastor, the church organist or (in the absence of the organist) the music director is available to discuss appropriate hymns and service music for the order of worship. No recorded music is allowed in the Sanctuary or Chapel. The church organist is the stated organist for all funeral and memorial services. If the organist is unavailable, the Director of Music will provide a list of approved organists.


A single flower arrangement may be placed in the chancel during the services. Casket sprays are permitted; however, during the service the funeral pall will replace the spray while the casket is in the church sanctuary.

In lieu of flowers, the family may request contributions be made to the church for the general fund, the building fund, or any other special purpose.

Ushers will be present to seat worshippers and to offer any other assistance needed. Members of the church staff will also be available to assist with parking, etc.

Reception following Service
Following a funeral or memorial service at the church, the church’s Bereavement Committee can provide a simple reception in the church facilities at which time the family can greet those who attend the service. A member of the Bereavement Committee can also be available for assistance.

Charges / Requested Gifts

The organist’s fee for all services is $200, to be paid directly to the organist. (Your funeral director may arrange to handle this payment for you).

For non-member funerals and memorial services, we request a gift to the church of $200. If the family of a non-member wishes to have a reception at the church following the service, the cost is $150.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the church office at (706) 733-2275.

Downloads: Funeral Planning