Upcoming at Reid
Sunday, November 10
Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost 
Dimes for Dinner

Women's Prayer Retreat, Montreat
9:15  am  --  Session Members Gather for Prayer, Conference Room
9:30  am  --  Sunday School for all ages
10:00 am --  Chancel Choir Warmup, Choir Room
10:30 am --  Worship, Dimes for Dinner, Sanctuary
11:30 am  --  Reid's Refreshment, Fellowship Hall
11:45 an  --  Handbell Rehearsal, Handbell Room
4:00  pm  --  Middle School Youth, AFC
4:30  pm  --  Parent Seminar, Fellowship Hall

5:45  pm  --  High School Youth, AFC
6:00  pm  --  Middle School Youth, Pickup
6:00 pm   --  New Officer Training, Conference Room
7:15  pm  --  High School Youth dismissal
Holy Moly Video- click here

Middle School and High School Sunday School, AFC
Middle School led by Maria Jenkins
High School led by Jean and Jim McKnight 

Adult Sunday School

Beyond the Upper Room - Room 226 
"When in Romans" - Dr. Matt Rich
Covenant Class- Mary Read Room
All ages of adults are welcome to join us as Bill Davison leads a study on the books of Judges and Ruth.

"Children of the Resurrection"
Luke 20:27-38
What are the connections between this life and the life to come? Can we talk about resurrection in November? Isn't resurrection just something we preach about at Easter?

It’s Advent Devotional Time!  
This year our theme is
 family traditions.

We need 25 writers to provide 250 words (or less) about a family/personal tradition during Advent/Christmas that is meaningful to you.  You do not have to tie it to a specific scripture, but we do ask that you provide a prayer at the end of your devotion. 

You don’t have to be eloquent, just willing to share your story with others as we enter into this season of hope and joy.  We are all connected in Christ, and by our shared stories and history, we strengthen our bonds even more.
We hope you’ll consider writing this year!  If you are interested, please contact Pastor Nadine (nmoran@reidchurchaugusta.org) or Joy Maple (joymw4@gmail.com) today!

October item of the Month 
Stuffing Mix- (add water type

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