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Thornwell Home for Children

thornwellEncourage your children to do extra chores around the house during November to earn money towards the Thornwell Thanksgiving collection which usually happens in mid-late November. Read the Thornwell Turkey Story.

Thornwell Home for Children, in Clinton, SC, was founded in 1875 to provide a home for orphans from the Civil War. More than 400 children are educated and housed here each year. These are children who suffer from emotional problems resulting from family situations: divorce/deaths in family; financial stress; substance abuse; and inability of family to care for the child. Referrals are made through the courts, church pastors, and social organizations. From K-4 through Senior HighSchool, children are educated and nurtured in a Christian setting. Approximately 90 children are housed in a cottage setting with house parents.

Here are other ways you might consider helping this children's ministry. Contact Reid Memorial members Ron Lee or Bobbilynn Lee for more information!

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