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Advancing Native Missions (ANM)

Advancing Native Missions supports Christian outreach ministry in different people groups around the globe. The idea is to support missionaries indigenous to their own native tongue and help them grow churches inside their own culture. Check out this one minute YouTube video. It simply makes sense! Visit ANM.


What a story to tell!

AdvancingNativeMissions1Reid Memorial has supported Advancing Native Missions more than five years. In 2012, we ended our second 12-month campaign to provide funds for a SeaLand container to be shipped from Warehouse for the Nations, operated by John and Lynn Parker from ANM. Reid Memorial members and Sunday School classes were asked to pledge $10 a month for 12 months. We embarked on this campaign during the spring of 2011 in conjunction with a visit to Reid Memorial by John and Lynn. At the time, Johnson and Lydia from Ghana were in tow because we had supported the shipment of a previous shipment to Ghana. We ended our campaign this spring, and lo and behold, our ties to Ghana were strengthened. It just so happened that Johnson and Lydia were both back in the States to obtain medical services, and John and Lynn were praying for $5,000 to help provide funds to send another container to Ghana. We provided $5,395! Wow! Here is the container loading team (above, left) as their job neared completion.

Thank you Reid Memorial! 


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