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Adult Ministries


Men and Women of Reid Memorial

sundayschool2015Sunday School

While worship is the center of our life together as a congregation, the adult education and small group experiences are where people receive the teaching they need to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ, learn more about the Christian life, and become connected to others in our Reid Memorial community of faith. Our adult ministry focus is to nurture, support and encourage adults in their spiritual journey towards God through creative and structured programs of study and fellowship.


Sunday School – 9:30 – 10:15 AM on Sunday mornings

Adult Sunday School

Upcoming Adult Sunday School Classes:

Beginning August 11th:
Beyond the Upper Room - Room 226 - All ages of adults are welcome to join us as Nadine leads a study on Paul's missionary journeys.
Covenant Class - in the Mary Read room - All ages of adults are welcome to join us as Bill Davison leads a study on the books of Judges and Ruth.


Women’s Ministries

Women's Bible Studies:

Young Women of Faith Bible Study- Wednesdays at 5:15 pm. Resumes August 28th. Nursery is provided.
Solas Bible Study - Tuesdays at 9 AM. Resumes September 10th
The Presbyterian Women's Circles:
Suzanne Morris Baker Circle - meets the 3rd Monday of the Month (Sept - May)
Presbyterian Women Supporting Women - meets the 3rd Thursday of the Month

Men’s Ministries

Bible Beaters - Wednesday 7-8 am- facilitated by Jerry Howington and follows the lectionary for the following Sunday in worship. Meets at Augusta Country Club.
Men's Bible Study Team - Monday 6 - 7 am - meets at Dr. Matt Richs' house
Young Men of Faith - meets Mondays at 8 pm. Will resume August 12th.
Reid Men Outdoors - Will kayak together on August 24th

Senior Adult Ministries

Our ministry enables our over 55 year old members to extend their church family relationships and grow in their knowledge of God's plan.
Past gatherings have included spiritually enriching programs, day trips, local concerts, dinners and luncheons. You are invited to come join us and make some new friends or just enjoy some old friendships. Please remember that our senior adults are always encouraged to invite a guest to join them for our activities - the more, the merrier! Contact Denise Rosenzweig with your future program ideas or comments about our past events.
Recent events included a trip to the Augusta Museum of History, an Augusta bus history tour, and a luncheon with reflections on Proverbs 17 led by Dr. Dan McCall.  Monthly events will begin again with a luncheon on Tuesday, September 10th.



Young Adult Couples at Reid: Social gatherings with Rev. Dr. Matt Rich and Sarah Rich continue. Contact either of them to find out how you can get involved in this ministry.

College/Young Adult Ministry: Mariah and Barry Jenkins continue to meet with a small group of young adults for Bible Study and fellowship every Monday night. Contact the Jenkins’ if you want to get involved in this minsitry.

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Overview. Reid Memorial is a participating Stephen Ministry congregation. Stephen Ministers provide high quality, one-to-one, confidential, Christ centered lay care. Stephen Ministers are members of the Reid congregation who receive over 50 hours of training from Stephen Leaders and are commissioned by the congregation at the end of their training. They usually meet with their care receivers once a week for about an hour. Stephen Ministers additionally meet with their Supervision Group of other Stephen Ministers and Stephen Leaders every other month.

Confidentiality. This is one of the key elements of the strength of the program at Reid. Stephen Ministers may never reveal that they are in a caring relationship with anyone. Only our pastors and the Stephen Ministry Referrals Coordinator know who is assigned to an individual Stephen Minister. Even in the Supervision Group, no names are ever discussed. In over 15 years of experience with Stephen Ministry at Reid, there has never been a breach of confidentiality.

Care Receivers. These are adults who are going through the normal crises of life. This might include divorce, death of spouse, a serious or terminal illness, job loss, or any of the myriad of things that create stress in our lives. Stephen Ministers aren’t counselors. Rather, they provide a quiet ministry of presence and prayer. They are there reliably. Although most Care Receivers are members of Reid Memorial, our program is allowed to tithe by providing care for no more than about 10% of our Stephen Ministers.

The Role of the Pastors. Pastors are somewhat like firefighters. When our members experience a crisis, the pastors are normally there first. Stephen Ministers work under the supervision of the pastors for longer term care that can span several months. The Stephen Ministers are an important adjunct to our pastors to provide longer term lay care for our members and others going through tough times.

Who can I talk to about Stephen Ministry? If you have questions about Stephen Ministry, or would like to receive care from a Stephen Minister, you can talk to a pastor or our Referrals Coordinator. You can find more information on Stephen Ministry at:

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