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Sunday School

Making discipleship a high priority!

Please arrive for Sunday School early. Classes start promptly at 9:30 a.m. and dismiss around 10:15 in order to to gather for worship.

Summer Jubilee 2014


May 25 Introduce Go! Dr. Jerry Howington
June 1 Go Sacrifice! Dr. Matt Rich
June 8 Go Lead! Ms. Dana Matthews-Cook
June 15 Go Trust! Dr. Matt Rich
June 22 Rivers of te World ROW
June 29 Go Risk! Dr. Matt Rich



2013-14 offerings below

Abundant Life Class

Room 227, Christian Education Building

For nearly two decades, this dialogue oriented class has reached out to adults possessing robust and evolving faith who have interest in how Jesus’ promise (Jn. 10:10) of “abundant life” may apply not only for themselves but for all of God’s creation. Scripture, Reformed theology, church history, and Presbyterian (PCUSA) teaching combine to challenge class participants to seek new and life-transforming ways to invest their faith “inwardly” and “outwardly.” While a faith is personal, it should never be private! This class seeks members who “get” and wish to explore further the pithy distillation of the gospel message that it is about “comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.” The class is led by Dr. Sid Gates, an ordained Presbyterian minister and licensed marriage and family therapist. Intermittent guest presenters will augment insight regarding needed faith-application for various societal needs.

Caritas Class

Room 230, Christian Education Building

This group of disciples is for adults of all ages and has periodic social gatherings throughout the year. Class leader Woody Belangia is devoted to leading class members to deepen their understanding of God's Word by deepening one's love of God and neighbor (and vice-versa). The class is going through a series called "Jesus Driven", trying to interpret the lordship of Jesus through the lens of Paul and John (and vice-versa). Class leader Woody Belangia teaches philosophy at Georgia RegentsUniversity and is proficient in ancient languages.

Covenant-Ackerman Taylor Class

Mary Read Room, lower level Children's Wing, Christian Education Building

Class members meet in the beautiful Mary Read Room of the Christian Education Building. The class is comprised of singles and couples ranging in age from sixties to nineties! The class enjoys studying the Bible one book at-the-time. Currently, The Gospel of Luke is under study. After The Gospel of Luke a book from the Old Testament is planned for study. Seasoned Bible teachers Cecil O'Bryan and Mack Nickles are co-teachers.

Emmaus Class

Room 226, Christian Education Building

Studying Paul for Everyone — The Prison Letters. Emmaus Class leaders Dr. Jerry and Jane Howington lead the class verse by verse using several study guides to stimulate questions and discussions amongst class members. Lively discussions and contributions from class members are the norm! Emmaus Class enjoys social gatherings about every two months.

Partners Class

Room 223, Christian Education Building

Discover Jesus - who he is and how we relate to him. Made up of couples in their 30s and 40s. Barry Jenkins and Dana Cook lead this class.

Pathfinders Class


This class is comprised of young adults in their 20s and 30s who want to learn more about the Bible and build Christian friendships. It includes “pairs and spares,” as well as new parents. This small group is perfect for new believers and lifelong churchgoers alike. Class leaders are Anna and Steve Sanders, with Dr. Matt Rich. The class meets in the library which is adjacent to Fellowship Hall.

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