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Schantz pipe organ Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church Augusta, Ga.

Schantz organ

How is a pipe organ made? (5 min. YouTube video)

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The Reid Memorial Schantz pipe organ was made possible by a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Goodwin and family. The gift was in memory of Thomas Wright Goodwin, M.D., and in honor of his beloved wife and companion in life, Mrs. Isabelle North Goodwin, now deceased. Dr. Goodwin was an elder emeritus of the Presbyterian Church. (USA), and his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roy Goodwin (Mattie W. Wright), were charter members of Reid Memorial.

Completed in March 2003, the new organ was built by Schantz Organ Company of Orrville, Ohio. Each of the organ's 3,517 pipes is actually an individual windblown instrument designed, crafted and voiced especially for the Reid Memorial church sanctuary. It uses slider windchest action. Thirty-two ranks from the church's original, much smaller Schantz pipe organ were incorporated into the new organ.

Schantz pipe organ Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church Augusta, Ga.

Organized into 60 ranks or sets of pipes and five digital (pipeless) stops. The ranks of pipes are made from an assortment of materials including zinc, lead, tin and wood. The majority of the pipes, however, are made from a tin-lead alloy, which was cast, cut, shaped and soldered by the pipe makers in the Schantz workshop.

The four divisions of the instrument contain represntative sounds from the four families of organ sounds - principal, flute, string and reed. Each division contains a principal chorus from 8' pitch through a mixture. The pedal begins with a 32' pitch. There are seven ranks of strings including celestes spanning three manuals (keyboards).

In the main case, made of white oak and stained to match the church's refurbished interior, there is a Festival Trumpet. Also, there is a rare high-pressure French Horn stop. The wind pressures throughout the organ range from 3-1/2 inches to 15 inches. The organ is able to make a symphony of sound.

Schantz Trompette en Chamades Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church Augusta, Ga.

Another unique trumpet is the en Chamade found in the gallery. The bell-flared mouths are polished zinc, which match the pipes in the face of the chancel organ.

The organ case designed by the Schantz Organ Company complements the sanctuary. The gold leaf mouths on the facade pipes add a touch of elegance. The three-manual English-style drawknob console is made of oak, with cherry stop jambs, rosewood drawknobs with white inserts, and keys of bone and rosewood. It features all of the modern conveniences of aiding the player, including a solid-state combination action with 99 levels of memory and a record/playback system. The console is stained to match wood in the room. The console is mounted on a lift, making it possible to raise or lower it for various situations. The console can be easily moved anywhere in the chancel.

The instrument is a result of collaboration among Schantz regional representative Linwood Lunde, tonal director Jeffrey Dexter and architect/engineer Eric Gastier. Keith Shafer of Augusta, Ga. served as consultant. Everett Sumerall was organist. Also, our church owes much to the sanctuary-organ Committee chaired by the late Dr. Jeff Brandsma and the untiring oversight and determination of Reid member Phillip Christman.

Trompettes en chamade flank both sides of The Redemption Window in the rear gallery. The window is a memorial to President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-60) who worshipped here with his wife, Mamie, on many occasions owing to his love for the game of golf, and close association with Clifford Roberts of The Augusta National Golf Club. President Eisenhower laid the cornerstone to this sanctuary in 1954. The sanctuary underwent major rennovation in 2003.

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