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Eight Annual Schaeffer Organ Concert

Carol Williams was here Nov. 6, 2014

America's Sweet-Heart Concert Organist-Composer Carol Williams, has come and gone, leaving behind an incredible performance of organ music with a special Carol Williams twist. Mark your calendar for the ninth annual Schaeffer Organ Concert Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015.

Enjoy these pictures from the November 2014 concert.



The concert is free and open to the public. Appropriate for ages 9 years or older. Free childcare available beginning 7 p.m. Special bean bag seating available for children under 13 years old. The concert is funded by the Reid Memorial John G. Schaeffer Organ Concert Fund.

For more information about our 2014 performing artist, visit Carol Williams. You might also like to watch Carol perform Flight of the Bumblebee for pedals.

John G. Schaeffer Organ Concert FundJohn G. Schaeffer

Dr. John Gerhardt Schaeffer (pictured right), former Reid organist and Georgia Regents University music professor, was a friend to the Augusta music and arts community. His contributions spanned almost 30 years and his influence continues. After Dr. Schaeffer's death in November 1996, the John Schaeffer Organ Concert Series fund was established. This series showcases the culmination of a dream come true, the building of one of Augusta’s finest pipe organs, the Reid Memorial Schantz pipe organ. While we are thankful for all who have contributed toward making the dream of a new instrument and a concert series come true, we acknowledge God, creator and author of all things seen and not seeen, to be the source of these blessings. To God be praise and glory.


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