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Reid Memorial Augusta Acts 16:5 InitiativeActs 16:5 Initiative

Sailboat vs. Rowboat Renewal

Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church is undergoing renewal. There is an air of excitement and anticipation.

Recently, we listened to a message delivered to our congregation that had to do with sailboat renewal vs. rowboat renewal. The speaker was Joan Gray, a former moderator of our Presbyterian Church USA General Assembly. Mrs. Gray drove home an extremely important message that continues to be echoed at Reid Memorial in meetings, prayer groups, small groups. Mrs. Gray's message boiled down to the following.

We live in a culture where we want to DO it NOW. We want to take control our fate, our lives, our careers, our church. So, the best way to do this is to take charge and do something about it, under our own power, right? Mrs. Gray likened this to jumping in a rowboat and rowing, hard, hard, hard! But we were gently reminded that this is not God's way.

What if we were to ditch the rowboat/take-charge process and instead, lift our sails and let God breathe into us through the Holy Spirit?

The Acts 16:5 Initiative is a tool designed to help us stay out of the rowboat for a season, and instead put up our sails and catch God's vision for renewal and new direction at Reid Memorial.

Learn more about the Acts 16:5 Initiative


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