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New e-mail addresses are ready!

Why all these changes?!

We changed our Reid Memorial staff member e-mail addresses so that they are consistent with our Web site domain name, reidchurchaugusta.org. When we launched our newest Web site in January 2011, we changed our old domain name reidchurch.org to reidchurchaugusta.org.

Why did we change our domain name?

Due to the evergrowing reality of the Internet in the world, the old Web site domain name, reidchurch.org, did not distinguish Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church in Augusta from the several Reid Memorial organizations in the United States of America and the world. It is important for us to think globally, not locally only. Therefore, the domain name was changed to more clearly identify our presence on the World Wide Web. The new domain name also allows us to capitalize on the world-recognized place and name of Augusta RE: The Masters Golf Tournament.

Why didn't we change the e-mail addresses when we changed domain names?

E-mail address changes are a fact of life. They occur regularly for many reasons, both privately and in the business world. The domain name of all e-mail addresses related to Reid Memorial should have changed at the time the new Web site launched in January 2011. However, there were complicating issues that could not be resolved at that time. It is important that we make the addresses and domain name consistent with one another, and the way is now clear to move forward.

When do we start using the new addresses?

You may begin using the new addresses immediately. The old reidchurch.org addresses will cease to operate Sunday-Monday, April 28-29.

How will the new addresses be constructed?

We will continue to use the first initial and last name formula that we currently use. However, instead of being followed by @reidchurch.org, you will use @reidchurchaugusta.org.


Old: jdoe@reidchurch.org
New: jdoe @reidchurchaugusta.org

Thank you for working together to help us close this communication gap! For more information, please contact our Web site administrator.


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